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Health & Safety Newsletter Nov 2016 Using The Correct Delivery Methods This is a reminder that you are given equipment to Do the Job Properly. I know there are people that think it slows them up on delivery (There is No Job and Finish these days) but the Delivery Methods are there to assist you with your workload. Some members even argue that Managers won't give them the proper equipment, if that's the case let your CWU Rep know about it and if you don't have a Rep at your office leave me a message on the number below and I'll bring it up with your manager. Coming in early, not taking your break, running around and cutting corners and finishing early doesn't give a True reflection of your Delivery and only gives FREE TIME to Royal Mail. Believe me when I say they are looking at you finishing early and as I'm sure some of you have already experienced going back out on Delivery with extra workload. Winter Is Approaching It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling which creates a possible Slips/Trip and Fall Hazard especially when wet. It's a lot darker at this time of year so Common Sense should tell you to wear your Hi-Viz while out on delivery and if necessary get a Torch from your manager. We all know how busy it gets at this time of year so hopefully we will see another (pre Christmas) year without any snow. Dog Attacks I'm sure most of you know by now about the Horrible Dog Attacks that have happened recently in Halstead and Colchester. It might seem like we go on about Dog Attacks but it's to keep these things fresh in your minds as you're the ones going into these possible properties. This is a JOB and as such you shouldn't have to be put up with certain situations so Be Aware and inform your Managers of any New Dogs that have come onto your Delivery. Most of All BE SAFE. Paul Alexander Tech IOSH……… CWU ASR (Area Safety Rep) Colchester (CO + District) Tel :- 07763247027


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